Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018 (Updated)

Hello, dear friends !  If you are using Facebook, may be you will be using Facebook messenger also. Do you know guys there are some amazing features are available which you would not heard before. So lets know about Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018.

1.Use messenger without Facebook ID

Friends, do you know that we can use messenger using our phone number without any Facebook ID. Yes friends it is an amazing trick actually it is a feature of messenger which we don’t pay attention. So let we talk about how can we use this feature. At first you have to install Facebook messenger from Google play store and you will open the app then you can see two option on your screen: 1. I have a Facebook account 2. I don’t have a Facebook account. Now you have to choose the second option and click on continue then you have to enter your phone number after this a confirmation message will come on you number then you can use your messenger without any problem and without any Facebook ID.

Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018

2.Play game with your friend online

You can play games on messenger if you send a game symbol like basketball and football. To play these game you have to send a symbol of game to your friend and then you will click on it, game will open. The score will be share too with your friend. You can also play chess with you friend and if you want to play you have to send a message to you friend that is @chess play. If you don’t know how to play chess you can send a message @chess help then you will be found instructions to play this game.

Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018

3.Send pics instantly

Messenger has an interesting feature which you will have never known before. If you press gallery button for two seconds, your photo will be capture and it will be send to your chat automatically from front camera. It will be work as you are seeing in the picture below. It also helps you to identity your friends. If you tell them that “If you want to see a magic you have to press gallery button for two sec”. If they will do same then you will get pictures of them. I think it is a really very amazing feature you should must try.

Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018

4.Custom notifications

Notification is very essential for an app and messenger also notify us for every message but it is too quite and sometimes we don’t able to notice. So messenger gives us a features to change the notification. Sometimes what happens that someone messages us again and again so we got irritated. For this messenger has provide a feature to mute notification of particular friend or person then you will not get the nonfiction of that person until you will not unmute the notification.

Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018

5.Add people via phone number

This is the last feature of Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018 category. If someone is using messenger by phone number without Facebook ID then you can add those persons by using their phone numbers. Messenger has provides us a facility to add people by their numbers as you are seeing in picture below.

Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018

These are the Top 5 Interesting Messenger Tricks For 2018. I hope these tricks will helpful for you and i think you would not heard about these messenger tricks.

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